In Iceland we're all like family. no, seriously.
We're Inviting sexy people
to help shake things up for Spring Break '23
First, we're inviting the sexy people of Grand Forks, ND, the "coldest place in the USA" to warm up with a nice toasty Spring Break trip to Iceland.  
If you live in Grand Forks, hi! Thanks for visiting and happy travels. Hope we get some people to travel to you too!
*Yes, Iceland is warmer.

Enjoy the raw, unadulterated majesty that is Iceland from an outsiders' perspective.
Waterfalls, glaciers, horses, volcanoes, The Northern Lights, fairies, hot springs AND night clubs -- Iceland's got it all!
Everyone in Iceland is BEAUTIFUL and VERY STRONG!
It pleasures us to introduce Maggi, our Official Spring Break Ambassador in Iceland to the team.
You can get drunk and naked anywhere, might as well be in an enchanted hot spring by a rainbow.
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❄️ This is officially an unofficial, unsanctioned ad campaign for Spring Break in Iceland, MADE BY THESE PEOPLE.
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